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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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assault in fairfax. in that case the suspect grabbed a 26-year-old woman walking home and carried her to a grassy area where he sexually assaulted her. this is a sketch of the suspect and this is a booking photo of matthew. meanwhile the search for hannah graham continues. >> graham has been missing now for two weeks and two days. cops are asking and have been for quite a while for everyone to kind of look around on their land, especially people who live in albemarle county. that's the latest for now that's happening here. >> a very important nugget there. now to a plea and reward offer from the father of 3-year- old sarah and 2-year-old jacob hoggle. today troy turner announced a $25,000 reward and asked maryland's governor to require state police to issue an amber alert. the hoggle family and others have been asking for that alert since the children disappeared four weeks ago.
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turner believes his children are still alive and said that amber alert to smartphones is the 1 thing that could bring them home. >> the police searched 60 acres to my knowledge of woods and parklands looking for corpses. they haven't found one yet. i know catherine is not going that far into the woods with anything and what i can tell you is this. if they were out there, they would have found them by now, so all that does is reaffirm high belief. >> the father says governor o'malley's office did not answer the formal request they made this morning, but state police did respond and wusa9's stephanie ramirez will have their answer coming up at 6:00. in addition to the hoggle children and hannah graham, there are dozens of other children missing from our area. right now on our wusa9 facebook page we have the photos of many of them. you can look at them, share them with your friends. log on and perhaps you can help bring them home. only on 9 tonight we take a
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rare look inside the mind of a pedophile. former d.c. private schoolteacher eric toth led worldwide authorities on a manhunt until he was captured last year in central america. after phone calls and a face to face conversation behind bars, reporter andrea mccarren and photojournalist joe martin take us to petersburg, virginia. they were not permitted to take a camera inside but did record a phone call with the high profile inmate. >> reporter: eric toth is serving a 25 year sentence at this federal prison. we spoke with him about his web of deception and how he stayed 1 step ahead of law enforcement for so long. [ heartbeat ] >> someone who is really a predator. >> this is somebody who is beyond looking at images. this is somebody who has created images. >> reporter: you knew the fbi
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was looking for you. >> yes. >> reporter: why didn't you turn yourself in? >> at first it was kind of a game. there was a certain element of i'm running for my life, almost like a long term adrenaline high. >> reporter: the game ended for eric toth now an inmate at the federal prison in petersburg, virginia. but he's long been a prisoner of a mental disorder he says he can't control. >> my prosecutor says i'm not a monster. i'm just a seriously disturbed individual and sometimes i find myself agreeing with him. >> reporter: the 32-year-old former teacher is a pedophile who told us his victims were all boys he loved to obsession. >> toth was an extremely dangerous individual. >> reporter: for three years toth taught at washington d.c.'s national cathedral elementary school. >> i don't know how many victims there were. court records said 17. >> reporter: in june of 2008 a
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fellow teacher discovered a school owned digital camera with sexually explicit photographs and videos of children. it was quickly traced to toth. so you do believe taking sexually explicit photos of children is wrong? >> yes. certainly taking sexually explicit photos of anybody without their permission is wrong. >> reporter: court records further indicate that toth had installed hidden cameras inside air fresheners that he placed in school bathrooms. >> i've made some horrible choices that have hurt choices and i've also made some choices that have helped people and helped the world. >> the skills which he developed as a counselor and tutor he utilized to gain the trust of parent says s -- parents and capitalized on that to exploit the children he trusted. >> reporter: when the pornographic images were discovered at belvoir, toth was immediately escorted off campus and soon began a life on the run. >> i definitely regret my
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actions and feel sorry about them. >> reporter: fbi records detail an astonishing itinerary from washington d.c. to indiana where he grew up. after a brief stay he traveled to chicago, madison, wisconsin and minneapolis where he abandoned his car at the airport leaving behind a suicide note and a thumb drive containing child pornography. from there he took a bus to billings, montana, where he lived in a rescue mission for a month. in july of 2008 he traveled to wyoming and then hitched a ride back to montana. soon he was on the road again to idaho, oregon and on to phoenix where he became a full- time live-in volunteer at a homeless shelter. twice toth's case was featured on america's most wanted. after the second broadcast someone recognized him, but he told us he intercepted an e- mail warning the shelter he mwa a fugitive. from there he took a bus to
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santa fe, new mexico, and with a newfound friend he headed to dallas and then austin where he would work for three years in the computer industry. in april of 2012 eric toth became the first pedophile on the fbi's top 10 most wanted list taking the spot that had been occupied by osama bin laden. that he tomorrow us prompted him to make plans to leave the country. >> i felt horrible. i felt as if i'd been kicked in the gut and that all the rest of the time i curled up in bed and didn't do anything for sedaral ys. >> repor ter: but for toth escaping arrest quickly became an adrenaline filled cat and mouse game. the law came incredibly close. in april of 2012 toth says he was on a bus from arkansas to
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texas that was pulled over by texas state troopers who asked all the passengers for their identification. toth thought the game was over. they looked at his fake id and moved on. in august of 2013 toth obtained a fraudulent passport in houston photo shopping his own picture and even removing his distinctive facial mole he says to defy facial recognition software. he had his passport and visa expedited claiming he was going to nicaragua to tend to an ill relative. he would briefly return to the united states to get documents for nicaraguan citizenship validated at the consulate in south florida. he then returned to central america. months later toth was captured in nicaragua where he told us he'd married a hotel maid to gain citizenship. he'd been turned in by an
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american who recognized him. >> he's very professional. >> reporter: to what extent do you believe doing what you were convicted of is harmful to children? >> harm is an interesting word. >> reporter: toth grew up in a middle class midwestern family. at the age of 10 or 11 he realized he was attracted to young boys and could never tell anyone. in candid graphic letters to us toth wrote, "when you have to lie about who you are every day, lying, manipulating, portraying a false you, et cetera becomes pretty easy." to what extent are you sorry for what you did or are you simply sorry you got caught? >> well, i mean i would be absolutely lying if i didn't say that pretty much any criminal is sorry that they get
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caught. you know, the consequences aren't fun to deal with. >> reporter: in his letters toth cites academic studies claiming that sexual contact between an adult and a child is not necessarily harmful. >> that's correct. there is research that suggests that while it absolutely can be and frequently is harmful that it does not have to be harmful. a couple of studies in particular said the issue of willingness was central. >> reporter: but experts say children cannot consent to any type of sexual activity with an adult. >> it's a traumatic experience. >> reporter: dr. allison jackson says child abuse doesn't need to involve physical trauma to cause long term harm. >> emotional scholars and the emotional injury is usually the larger baggage that gets carried on for a lifetime. >> i have this dark thing lurking in me that unfortunately is not easy to control.
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>> reporter: pedophilia is classified as a mental disorder, one for which experts say there is no cure and little to no effective treatment. >> as a pedophile, i have kind of a dark inner secret that i have to deal with and unfortunately my efforts in dealing with it haven't always been effective. >> reporter: when he's released, eric toth will be 52 years old. he faces a lifeti of supervision and is barred from any contact with children. in petersburg, virginia, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> tomorrow you will have the opportunity to speak with andrea mccarren about her prison interview with eric toth. she is hosting a live chat on her facebook page tomorrow at 11 a.m. now to breaking news on that white house fence jumper who made it through the front door earlier this month. >> the secret service has said omar gonzalez was quickly detained at the door, but the washington post says it has multiple sources who say
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gonzalez made it much further into the building and according to the post, gonzalez overpowered a secret service officer and ran past a stairway that leads to the first family's living quarters. then he bottled into the east room where the -- bolted into the east room where the president often gives televised addresses and receives visitors. he was finally stopped at the door to the green room, a parlor that overlooks the lawn. usually an alarm is activated when an intruder is spotted and the front door is locked, but the alarm box had been muted apparently at the request of the usher's office. we'll stay on this story. tense moments in front of an embassy when shots were fired. the u.s. secret service took a machine into stody but aren't releasing -- a man into custody but aren't releasing a lot of information. no one was hurt. bruce johnson will have more coming up on both those
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stories. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00 and a teenager critically injured during the chaos after fright fest at six flags in largo. at 5:30 scott brooms explains how a hollywood movie may have inspired all the mess. >> we have cloud, but we're quiet here in the north -- clouds, but we're quiet here in the northwest. we'll come back and talk about our chance of showers the rest of the week and we're tracking a cold front which could affect the nats game. >> reporter: new recommendations for teens about birth control. i'm alison harmelin about that story coming up.
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the nation's most influential pediatricians group is making new recommendations to prevent teen pregnancy. alison harmelin has more from new york. >> reporter: after years of taking birth control pills 23- year-old jennifer ortiz is choosing an intrauterine device or iud. >> it's not like a pill i have to remember or a patch where i got to change it. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics is recommending iuds and implants as first line options in preventing pregnancy in adolescents. >> it's very safe. it's highly reliable. once these devices are inserted there's basically virtually a 100% efficacy against pregnancy. >> reporter: iuds last three to 10 years. implants under the skin work for three. both require a medical procedure. teen pregnancy rates have gone down the past two decades.
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pediatricians say the rates will drop even further with these new recommendations. >> with these methods there's no chance of messing it up and once you have it it's there until you're ready to take it out. >> reporter: 19-year-old julia feneto says she's careful to take the pill daily but is thinking about a long term option. >> the iud which is something that i'm also going to consider because i don't love to take the pill every day. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics also reminds teens to always use condoms to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. alison harmelin, cbs news. >> there are some risks with long term contraceptives including possible risk of infection at the time they are placed and a rare complication of uterine rupture with the iud. we asked parents their thoughts on the iuds on our wusa9 facebook page. >> you had a lot to say. michelle says that is ridiculous. if they can't be responsible enough to take a pill every
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day, they shouldn't be having sex. complications with an iud can cause permanent infertility. i think this is really reckless to suggest for someone young. >> kim says they now have a smaller iud for girls who have not had children yet. i've had two and have had no problems with them at all. >> you can join the conversation any time on our wusa9 facebook page. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now. we got a little rain in the area. >> just a couple showers. what a beautiful weekend. we got spoiled. keep your outdoor plans tomorrow, wednesday and thursday, just a couple isolated showers. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, a lot of clouds, but the roads are dry, a dry commute home and to work tomorrow morning. temperatures, the clouds and easterly flow kept them down a bit. winds have turned now south,
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southwest at 6, relative humidity 66%. i think we'll see a little more shine tomorrow and a little more wednesday. here's the radar, most of the showers moving out, a couple leftover showers for our friend down into southern maryland, leonardtown, southern calvert county and a good chunk of st. mary's county. this will take another couple hours. the rest of us just have clouds to deal with. evening is okay, a stray shower east or south. bus stop temperatures 56 to 68 between about 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. it will be dry. some clouds tuesday but few showers and the same deal wednesday, mild with just a few showers. so not enough to plan around, okay? not picture perfect, but each day will become better as we go through thursday. 6 a.m. tomorrow you see all the clouds, the white, temperatures in the 50s in the burbs, 57 in gaithersburg, 56 in leesburg and low 60s downtown. by 8:00 we stl have upper 50s and low 60s but with clouds. then we see the sun working its
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magic. by 1:00 skies return partly cloudy, but then showers fire up and they are few and far between. they're all light. notice they're all shades of green. that's light on our legend, not a huge deal and temperatures in the 70s. by 4:00 upper 70s to near 80 downtown. by 6:00 we're looking at upper 70s downtown, low 70s in the burbs and by 8:00 still upper 60s and low 70s downtown, so really not a bad day tomorrow once we go through the morning hours. walk the dog tomorrow nitrogenly -- night generally partly cloudy skies. comfortable tonight 56 to 64, winds uso, southeast at 10. break it down. temps in the 60s to start, 66 at 9:00, more sun, 71 at 11:00, 76 at 1:00 and also a risk of a shower. next three days isolated shower tuesday and wednesday we're in the mid- to upper 70s and
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isolated shower thursday, probably the better of the three days, temperatures in the upper 70s. birds in town on thursday for their first playoff game. next seven days look like this. we're looking at temperatures going back up into the 70s and staying straight through the mid-70s on friday, shower or thunderstorm possible. we're concerned about this because it's the nats first playoff game and the front will go through around the time of the game. terps in town, maybe a morning shower saturday and the second game with the nats, playoff game okay, much cooler and mid- 70s sunday and monday and monday the burgundy and gold are here. more u.s. airstrikes against isis in syria this morning. it's part of an ongoing effort to weaken that militant group. last night on 60 minutes president obama conceded the u.s. did not immediately see isis was gathering strength. >> our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper, has acknowledged that i think they
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underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> but republican congressman paul ryan says president obama ignored his advisers who wanted to take action against syria in the conflict first began. >> those of us who were getting the same intelligence briefings agreed with petraeus and clinton and didn't agree with president obama. >> the next chapter will be whether or not to put troops on the ground. right now the head of the faa is calling for a review of air traffic control backup plans after security protocol caused a fire at a facility near chicago causing major problems on the nation's air system. hundreds of flights were canceled and delayed at chicago's two airports. a contract worker was accused of cutting wires and intentionally starting the fire before attempting to commit suicide. it pays to plan, the record in rising cost of fast convenient cash and coming up
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next we'll talk to the nih director about getting the ebola outbreak under control. >> as we head into the break, a look at those gas prices driving you a little less crazy tonight. in stafford, virginia, it's in stafford, virginia, it's 3.08 a gallon at 2883 in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know.
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i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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an american doctor exposed to the ebola virus is under observation right now at the national institutes of health in bethesda. the doctor is being evaluated out of an abundance of caution but has not been infected. the doctor was exposed to the virus while volunteering in sierra leone. dr. anthony fauci says serious action by the united states and the world is needed to get the outbreak under control. >> if we have a lot of motion but no action, a lot of signing of resolutions with no resources, we're not going to control it. >> you can see the full interview with usa today's washington bureau chief susan page at usa in the 2014 d.c. mayor's
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race democratic candidate muriel bowser picked up a key endorsement today. outside howard university members of the service employees international union threw their support behind the ward 4 councilwoman. seiu maryland and the council represents about 45,000 workers. bowser is running against david catania and carol schwartz in the november election. mets fans who take metro to see ballgames can thank american university for late night train service. today au announced it will partner with the train service to get fans home that run late sunday through thursday. for games still in play at 10:30 on those days metro will 1 its trains until 12 -- will run its trains until 12:20 in the morning and later if there are extra innings or rain delays. how a last minute phone call may have saved the lives of seven boaters thrown from a capsized ship. >> and a super sleuth function on some new cars helps drivers act like secret cars, why gm
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does not want you to use it, but first. >> reporter: a 15-year-old critically injured after a night of mayhem outside six flags in largo. i'm scott broom following up this afternoon. coming up, how this attack may have been inspir
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trending now the coastguard springs into action to rescue seven people from an overturned boat. >> the whole thing caught on tape saturday morning off the coast of florida's sanibel
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island. the engine stalled in rough seas which left them in a very dangerous situation. >> the husband was able to make a phone call before they got into the water and he said send the coastguard. >> thank goodness for that cell phone signal that worked. it helped get the rescuers to their exact location. the boaters waited an hour for help to arrive in open waters 30 feet deep. once help got there, it took rescuers just 10 minutes to pluck everyone out of the water. i bet it felt like any turn the. >> the water looks really rough -- like an eternity. >> the water looked really rough. george clooney made his marriage official this morning at a civil ceremony in venice. >> it capped off a fairytale wedding for 59-year-old clooney and 36-year-old amal alamuddin. they posed for paparazzi and
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for tourists as they road through venice's grand canal and walked through the area as well. already saying i do is costing clooney 100 grand. he reportedly made a bet with michelle four after the 1993 -- michelle pfeiffer after the 1993 bet that he would never remarry. a new feature in chevy's corvette allows you to record conversations and other data when you're not in the car, but here's the deal. gm is saying don't use the valet mode because it may be illegal in some states. in maryland, this is a two- party consent state when it comes to recorded conversations. if you do that and the other person doesn't know, you could be in big trouble. gm is working on a software update. they call the valet mode the camera for your baby. this is what happens to fans who bust onto the field
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during an ohio state football game. taking you down. one of the coaches is a former linebacker at osu and in the nfl takes down the misbehaving fan before handing him over to officers. can we see that again in slow motion? >> you can't just come onto the field. >> topper has had security around him all the time with all his fans. >> how do you handle that when they run out in front of your weather shot? >> i kiss them. i welcome them. i don't tackle them and throw them to the ground. nobody cares. >> just keep going. a lot of clouds this evening but no showers. here the allergies, low for trees and grasses and weeds but high for mold spores. we'll come back and talk about a cold front that could affect the nats' first playoff game. it is touch and go for a 15- year-old boy critically injured during chaos outside the six
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flags amusement park saturday after fright fest. as scott broom reports, it now appears an outbreak of violence in the huge crowd of teens may have been the inspiration behind thisdisturbing act in this hollywood film called the courage. >> reporter: the 15-year-old who was injured is in a medically induced coma tonight after an attack at six flags that may have been inspired by a hollywood movie. this picture was taken in the hospital today of the young man whose family does not want his name used. a critical brain injury, his life is on the line. the boy was attacked by strangers randomly saturday night during mayhem that broke out outside the six flags amusement park at the closing of an event called fright fest saturday night. he was one of three injured. here is the spokesperson for the family. >> they were hearing people yell purge! purge! >> reporter: the purge is a 2013 film featuring killers in
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masks on a night where one night a year all crime is legal. >> they continued to beat him as he was unconscious. so they intended to harm him. once they started getting into it they couldn't stop. >> reporter: inspired by a movie. >> a demonic movie. >> reporter: the mayhem exploded in largo after a movie called fright fest but there was a purge night by twitter. there was confusion about closing time 9 p.m. despite a six flags website that said the event ran till midnight. confused kids were stranded out front waiting for later rides. in a-statement six flags spokesman -- in a written statement the six flags spokesman said there never has been a purge theme for our halloween event and steps are being taken to increase security and there's zero tolerance for violations of the code of conduct at the park. a second fright fest sunday
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night was trouble free, but the family of a critically injured boy believes six flags has some more explaining to do. meanwhile detectives are on the case and the family is hoping all the cell phone video and tweeting by kids might help identify who is responsible for the attack. scott broom, wusa9. >> i hope they catch the people who did that. six flags will continue with fright fest nights every weekend through halloween. as if banks charging customers to get their own money isn't bad enough, the cost of doing business with your bank is going up again. >> but first a new bill designed to reduce the number of sexual assaults on campuses, but
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this virginian: mark warner, the governor who worked to turn... a record budget deficit into a surplus. now ranked one of... america's most bipartisan senators, he's working to create jobs, fix veterans' healthcare and cut... the national debt. i know you get a lot more done when you work together. i'm mark warner and i approve this message.
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california is now the first state in the country to pass a law requiring college students to get active consent before having sex. >> bigad shaban has more on what the bill means for students and why some believe the new law may not make a difference at all. >> reporter: does the bill make you feel safer? >> i think it does. >> reporter: 18-year-old sasha deming is a college freshman at ucla and believes the new yes means yes law could help reduce the number of assaults on college campuses across the state. >> every girl i know has been harassed at some point. >> reporter: the law affects public and private california
5:39 pm
colleges and universities that receive state financial aid. students attending those schools are now required to make an affirmative unambiguous and conscious decision before having sex. the law all says a lack of resistance or silence cannot be interpreted as a yes. neither can being drunk or asleep. the consent can be nonverbal, but opponents argue the new protocol will lead to confusion and unfair blame. this 23-year-old is a college senior. >> it is hard to kind of -- i don't know -- police that sort of thing. it's not like there's a third party there saying i'm a witness. you both didn't say yes sort of thing. >> reporter: roxanne neil teaches incoming freshmen at ucla about issues relating to sexual assault and violence and supports the new law. >> i think it gives a consistent understanding to all students. >> reporter: but neil says students first need to be educated about the issue since an estimated one in five college women experience some kind of sexual assault before
5:40 pm
graduating. >> the national coalition for men believes those accused of sexual assault will be presumed guilty under this new law. the advocacy group expects a surge in lawsuits related to sexual assaults since it believes people will have an easier time making false accusation. you've heard a picture is worth a thousand words. this picture is worth a man's life. georgia police officer rodney callaway is in desperate need of a kidney posing with his wife and two young daughters with a simple message. our daddy needs a kidney. they posted this message on their facebook page. thousands responded including chris carroll of texas and it turns out he was a perfect donor match for callaway. >> i just had a feeling from the beginning it was going to happen even though there was thousands of people that called in. it was something i just knew, knew it was going to happen. >> just thanking god for allowing such a wonderful family to come into my life.
5:41 pm
>> what an incredible gift. that operation went smoothly. carroll was discharged over the weekend and so far so good for callaway doctors say and that new kidney. >> that's amazing. it is the small strap on a camera that has revolutionized how we see the world. coming up we look at how go pro changed everything. >> reporter: atm fees are on the rise, but you don't have to get stuck shelling out extra cash. i'm danielle e
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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in tonight's consumer alert atm fees are at an all time high. a new report finds the average out of network fee is $4.35, ouch. danielle nottingham found there are some easy ways to avoid those fees. >> reporter: james epps drives all over los angeles in his food truck, about the he couldn't go just anywhere for cash. epps was paying 3 or $4 to use another bank's atm and the fees didn't stop there. >> my bank would tack on 1 to $2 depending on which bank i used. >> reporter: a new survey says
5:45 pm
customers like epps are paying 5% more this year to use other bank's atms. fees have risen 23% the last five years. average cost $4.35 per transaction, an all time high. >> it's low hanging fruit in term of generating additional fee income banks aren't worried about alienating noncustomers. >> reporter: the practice of spending cash to get cash isn't going away, but you don't have to be stuck with the fees if you plan ahead. 1 good way is use your bank's website or mobile app to locate a nearby atm. some banks will reimburse you for fees charged outside of the network. >> if you're really in a pinch, get cash back at the point of sale when you use your debit card. >> reporter: epps now only uses banks with branches around the city so he can stop paying atm fees and put every penny into his business. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> in case you are wondering, phoenix has the highest average
5:46 pm
atm fees at 4.96 and cincinnati has the lowest of the cities surveyed at 3.75. banks say a majority of their customers avoid the fees because of internet tools and mobile apps. if you were planning to fill up tonight, we want you to get the best price. today we're looking in germantown, cheapest gallon at the 7-eleven on crystal rock drive $3.32 and over the past 12 years go pros have revolutionized the way we see things. what was once just a gadget used by adrenaline junkies, go pros have almost become commonplace. >> carter evan looks at how these little cameras have changed what we see. >> reporter: whether you're scaling new heights, going for a drive with friends, or just taking the dog for a walk go pro has become the go to camera to capture it.
5:47 pm
millions have taken its slogan to heart. wear it. >> come to me. >> reporter: mount it. love it. it began as a simple waterproof camera ceo nick woodman developed years ago to film himself surfing. since then it's transformed into a multi billion dollar juggernaut. the company boasts a huge market share, roughly half of all video cameras sold in the u.s. are go pros. thrill seekers around the world adopted it in partnerships with pro athletes like surfer kelly slater. snowboarder shawna white as well, but go pro is now growing up moving beyond adventure sports to the masses. the cameras are now used and marketed for every day life. new mounts are opening up new
5:48 pm
possibilities. low cost drones are allowing users to see things from an entirely new perspective. the company went public back in june and in typical fashion woodman caught on call on camera with a go pro, of course. like the cameras they sell, its stock is soaring to new heights, nearly quadrupling since the initial public offering. with 10 million cameras sold sales are expected to top $1 billion this year. there's no telling where go pro will go next. for cbs carter evan, los angeles. know on the go, text radar to 25543 and download the wusa9 weather app. >> go pro shot captured man giving a lion a hug. >> that was interesting. not a good idea usually. >> i was like that's a little close. >> that could go wrong. weir looking at a lot of clouds
5:49 pm
tonight and tomorrow, but keep your outdoor plans, a couple showers here and there tuesday, wednesday and thursday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature 74 today. dew point low 60s, humidity 66% and winds out of the south, southwest at 6. radar over the past couple hours, everything is essentially across the bay now over into the delmarva. the exception? down to the south. still leftover showers for our friend in southern calvert county and a good portion of st. mary's county. everything is light. it's all shades of green which is light on our legend, but the rest of us just have clouds and that is it. the clouds will hang tough through tonight into tomorrow morning, but the evening is okay except for a stray shower east of town if you want to get out and do something. bus stop temps 56 to 68, dry tomorrow at the bus stop, some clouds tuesday and a few showers. mild wednesday but just a few showers again.
5:50 pm
so futurecast, 6:00 in the morning 62 downtown, 50s in the burbs. so the clouds will keep temperatures up at night and keep temp down during the day. by 8:00 we're still low 60s downtown and upper 50s in the burbs. by lunchtime a few breaks in the clouds and temps rebound nicely to the 70s. we also see isolated showers popping up around i-81. don't get too hung up on their exact location. they'll be few and far between tomorrow. they're in the forecast, 4:00 80 downtown, a couple showers possible south, north of town toward gaithersburg. the burbs in the upper 70s tomorrow essentially. by 6 p.m. so almost 24 hours from now 70, upper 70s downtown, low 70s in the burbs and a few hit or miss showers here or there, but again not enough to alter your plans. by 8:00 it's low 70s, 60s in the burbs. by 10:00 tomorrow partly cloudy, mid-60s in the burbs, upper 60s downtown, maybe 65 in leesburg, 64 in manassas, 63 in
5:51 pm
la plata. late tomorrow night low 60s toward la plata and toward gaithersburg, mid-downtown. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, comfortable, 56 to 64, winds south, southeast at 10. by morning partly to mostly cloudy but pleasant, dry in the morning, dry at the bus stop, 56 to 74 for temps and by afternoon we'll say partly cloudy and mild, chance of a shower, not a bad day, high temperature 75 to 80, wind east, southeast at 10. pretty much from the mountains to the coast you'll have a chance of a shower but not a washout, 64 in oakland, mid-70s in cumberland, 75 in winchester, martinsburg, maybe 74 inning a you know to, 80 in culpeper and -- 74 in hagerstown, 80 in culpeper and a bit cooler by the bay, my 70s, no small craft advisory required tomorrow, no winds to
5:52 pm
speak of. day planner, 60s to start, more shine, 71 at 11:00, 76 at 1 p.m., maybe a shower. next three days isolated shower tuesday and wednesday mid- to upper 70s and upper 70s thursday, temperatures in the upper 70s as well and that's the o's first playoff game thursday. looks nice. next seven days our first playoff game is friday. cold front approaches, showers and storms possible. leftover shower on saturday, cooler, terps in town and the nats' second playoff game, nice sunday and burgundy and gold here next monday night, right now looks nice, temperatures in the 70s. while the nationals faithful probably can't wait for the postseason to begin, the national themselves weren't done with the regular season fireworks just yet putting an exclamation point on an incredible season. there have been five no hitters pitched just this season. there have been five no hitters pitched on the final day of a season. last year it was miami's
5:53 pm
hernandez alvarez. this year it was jordan zimmermann no hitting the marlins. matt williams, manager, had planned to pull him after five or six innings. with one out to go the marlins almost spoiled the big day, but steven souza makes an incredible catch to preserve the no no. zimmermann delivers the first no hitter in national history. >> it was awesome. i was just all smiles and those guys been playing great behind me all year and to end it like this, it's special. >> it's one of those special days that everybody is proud to be a part of. certainly a fantastic end to our regular season. it's great to see them get mobbed by his teammates and have that celebration on the field. that's wonderful. >> check out this angle. once the ball is up, it was a double. you could see the
5:54 pm
disappointment in his body language but then the catch. he pumped his fist in the air as all 30 five thousand plus nats fans that -- 35,000 plus nats fans that were getting mobbed. the hero of the day is also outfielder steven souza. this guy made his big league debut just this year and on sunday had only come into the 9th inning to relieve ryan zimmerman making one of the biggest catches of the year. souza said he would have risked bodily injury to catch that ball. >> get in there and just kind of blacked out. i was trying to get a good jump on it, take a good angle. once i got there i knew i jumped at a good angle and my second hand came in there and i was holding it like a football. the 1 thing i wanted to do was make sure any way i could to catch that ball. >> if that doesn't get you excited for post season, i don't know what will. nats play their first game friday, more coming up in sports, plus the wizards talking high expectations. see you guys in about 25
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
from the scene with more on what happened. >> reporter: hi, ladies. we'll get to what happened in just a moment. a lot of secret service agents here this afternoon. they may have bigger problems down the way at the white house. we want to tell you about the latest developments. you know last week 42-year-old omar gonzalez ran unobstructed about 70 yards across the front lawn of the white house and according to the secret service back then he was apprehended just inside the front doors. well, that isn't the case. the security breach was far worse according to cbs. they report gonzalez proceeded to run through the entrance hall to the cross hall of the white house past the staircase that leads to the residence of the first family. he was confronted by a female secret service agent who he overpowered and then was only brought down idoutse e thgreen room door. bottom line, what this means, that security breach far worse than first reported. secret service led us to believe last weekend he was apprehended just inside the front doors to the white house.
5:59 pm
they'll have a lot of explaining to do. as for what happened here at the ethiopian embassy this afternoon, look at this tape. it's already airing on ethiopian tv as breaking news. at about 12:30 this afternoon shots rang out during a protest at the ethiopian embassy here in northwest washington. sources close by tell wusa9 it was an embassy employee, a member of the security team, who fired the shots at one of the demonstrators attempting to take down the ethiopian flag in front of the building. three shots were fired. one of them hit a parked vehicle. nobody was injured. the secret service spokesperson says the shooter has been arrested. we'll see how that pans out, if diplomatic immunity comes into play. a short time ago we tried to call the secret service. they told us we have to talk to the statement department. one more thing about what
6:00 pm
happened last weekend at the white house, cbs and other media also reporting gonzalez running across the white house lawn brushed by a secret service officer who has a gun drawn. that officer did not stop gonzalez at that time. we have should point out a hearing is taking place on capitol hill tomorrow about what happened at the white house. secret service is going to have a lot of explaining to do. a big break in one high profile missing persons case is leading to a bombshell break in another. today virginiatate police announced there is a forensic link between the 2009 disappearance of virginia tech student morgan harrington and the disappearance 16 days ago of 18-year-old uva student hannah graham. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. it all links back to suspect jesse matthew of charlottesville who is now sitting in a virginia ja


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